14-17 maart: 4 Day Ashtanga Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat – Nourish yourself exactly what you need!

14-17 maart: 4 Day Ashtanga Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat – Nourish yourself exactly what you need!

Join Maxi Meissner for four days of breath work, personalized one-on-one teaching of Ashtanga yoga in the morning Mysore practice, meditation, restorative yoga, plenty of rest, yoga and Ayurveda workshops and nourishing Ayurvedic meals. We will enjoy the beautiful countryside, quiet and head back into our daily lives refreshed, inspired and filled.

All levels of yoga experience welcome, also beginners.

Let’s be honest: Inhabiting a space to be fully ourselves, cultivating receptivity to deep insights and new perspectives, and accessing deep relaxation can be very challenging in our busy day-to-day lives.

A retreat with me is an opportunity to get all of that more easily and directly. The idea is to carry what we find on retreat back into our regular lives.

This retreat is for you if you long for an opportunity to nourish yourself exactly what you need.

For some it is a deep dive into self-study. For others, it’s a time to gently unfold, rest and soak up the magic of time. One of the benefits of traveling to a particular location away from your regular routine is that we can better recognise our unconscious habit patterns, and decide whether we want to let them go or hold on to them. From a more conscious place, we return home to our families, work and life, energized and ready for what’s ahead. The idea is to come back to the world with more wholeness.

Aanmelding sluit op 14 maart 2024.

Wij genieten van ons verlate Kerstdiner, op zondag 3 maart, met ons personeel. Onze herberg is dan gesloten. 

Maandag 4 maart staan we graag weer voor u klaar. Vragen? Mail ons op info@drostes.nl. Reserveren voor het restaurant kan hier 

Feestelijke groet,
Harald Droste & Droste’s Team