Description of films #911

1. A Turkish multi-part TV series will tell about the difficult fate of a girl named Gulru. The girl grew up in a rich family, her father worked as a gardener, she helped rich employers on the farm. From an early age, Gulru was friends with the daughter of the rich, Julide. They spent a lot of time together and did not think about their social statuses.

As a child, everything seemed simple, there are two girls who are friends and it doesn't matter that one of them is the heiress of a huge fortune, and the other is the poor daughter of a gardener. The girls did not think about their standard of living, they just had fun together. Years passed, they grew up and became beautiful girls, but misunderstandings began to arise between friends, envy and reproaches appeared, which turned into an obvious psychological war.

Julide increasingly reminded Gulra of her background and standard of living. The naivety and sincerity between them disappeared somewhere, and reality became cruel and unpredictable. The girls have common desires and common dreams, they both want the same thing from life. How will the fate of two close friends develop in the future? Who will become happy and successful, and who will be disappointed in friendship? Will their friendship withstand such difficult life tests?

2. This is a story about the backstage life of the Philharmonic, which is not as bohemian and sublime as many people think. The main character, Hayley, an oboist who could not stand the charm of the monotonous life of a small town, comes to noisy New York, wanting to get a job right away. But it's not that simple, many people want a decent life and they have to fight for the opportunity to find it, so Haley will have to make a lot of efforts to get a coveted place in the New York Philharmonic.

But once in the orchestra, a completely different world opened up for her, she could not even imagine that musicians live in this way. Now her everyday life consists not only of work, but also of sex and drugs, absolutely indecent parties in the company of ballet dancers. In addition, she constantly has to learn from Thomas, a former conductor who is going to retire, but the knowledge he can share with newcomers is priceless. She also has a passionate affair with Gustavo, a handsome man from their troupe, a musician who is a fan of his business. How will her and his future life develop? Won't they be disappointed in the music? Will they lose their "I", having fun to the fullest? Just play with paysafe pokies online paysafe pokies nz Paysafe pokies in New Zealand NZ