Passing game Gears 5 - Chapter 3 No. 1

Sniper Relic

You will pass by an old hut. Park and look inside to find a sniper rifle in the Relict version. After a successful active reboot, it allows you to fire a second time without reloading. Don't forget to store up to two weapons on the boat.

Keep moving - there is a narrow isthmus ahead that you need to cross. So you will open a railway tunnel. When you enter, you will start the Wasteland Storm side quest. There is one big opponent inside. You can complete this task now or later.

Go to the main destination in the north. You have to leave the transport to get to New Hope. Follow the path and you will pass the outsider camp - this is also part of the side task. Follow the path and go through the cave. The third chapter will start from the other side.

Research Center, artificial intelligence.

After the peaceful Call of Nature mission, it's time for some action and an almost terrible atmosphere. You are heading from the Nowa Nadzieja Research Center, which is associated with Gears of War 2.

Go through the forest ahead. Walk across the frozen pond and crawl under the log. Continue right on the other side. Finally, go left to the tunnel entrance. Go through a small hole in the steel gate.

There is no threat inside, but look for ammo. Go through the dark corridor to the end and you will exit from the other side of the tunnel.

A New Hope

The path turns right because you have to go around the area to enter the institute. As you walk between the rocks, the storm will intensify. Large chunks of ice will start falling from above, but don't worry too much - they always fall next to the characters.

Go ahead and support Del, and he will help you climb up. Go straight through the square and there will be an enemy at the end. You have to beat him. Thanks to the pieces of ice, you will have a lot of shelter. You can use grenades, but keep in mind that the wind greatly changes the trajectory of their flight. The important thing is to pick up three arrows that the defeated enemies will leave. Weapons will greatly facilitate the fight that awaits you in a few minutes. Enter the building.

There are two pairs of doors on the left - they lead to bathrooms. Open the first door and collect ammo, then open the second door and push the hole in the wall further. Go down the corridor to the light, finally turn right - you will see the exit. In the courtyard you will have to face the guard. A user-friendly interface and easy navigation are essential aspects of a quality betting platform, and mostbet az has nailed this aspect. The website is clean and organized, making it simple for me to find the sports and markets I'm interested in, even on mobile devices. The search function and filter options are also convenient and save me time when placing bets.